Fundamentals of Educational Technology Leadership



Description and Materials

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EDTC 801 Summer Institute I


EDTC 802 Principles of Educational Technology Leadership

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EDTC 804 Global Issues in Educational Technology Leadership


EDTC 813 Advanced Using Integrated Software across the Curriculum

  • Project 1 Design and Learning
  • Project 2 Creating Meaningful Learning Environments
  • Project 3 Teaching Evaluation and Blended Learning
  • Project 4 Systems Thinking and Blended Learning
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EDTC 815 Administration and Supervision of Technology in Educational Setting

  • Project 1 Administration and Supervision
  • Project 2 Hiring Three Technology Coordinators
  • Project 3 Technology Implementation Plan
  • Project 4 Professional Development Experience

EDTC 812 Teaching in the Adult Learning Environment

  • (No artifacts required for the QE)