Fundamentals of Educational Technology Leadership


Description and Materials

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EDTC 801 Summer Institute I
Foundation course which outlines the expectations and practices of the program.

PillarsEDTC 802 Principles of Educational Technology Leadership
This course focuses on concepts and strategies necessary for a leader in a technologically rich learning environment.
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EDTC 804 Global Issues in Educational Technology Leadership
This course investigates educational technology through a global perspective. 
noun_Software_1406271_000000EDTC 813 Advanced Using Integrated Software across the Curriculum
Examine the patterns of traditional use, current issues and emergent trends of digital technology in learning, and develop an expertise to function as entrepreneurs in establishing new products or services.
noun_Chain of command_964584_000000EDTC 815 Administration and Supervision of Technology in Educational Setting
This course focuses on the development and implementation of technology infrastructure, procedures, policies, plans, and budgets for schools and organizations at an advanced level.
noun_teaching_78718_000000EDTC 812 Teaching in the Adult Learning Environment
This course emphasizes teaching adult learners in post-secondary learning environments including the workplace and corporate settings.
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