Scholarship and Research


Description and Materials

EDTC 808 Summer Institute III

No assessments required for the QE

Bar graphEDTC 803 Data Analysis and Report Writing
Book with a magnifying glassEDTC 806 Research Methods in Educational Technology Leadership
Image of a clipboard and pencilEDTC 809 Assessment and Evaluation
  • Project 1 Observational Exercise
  • Project 2 Qualitative Research Project
  • Project 3 Proposal of Field Research Study
  • Project 4 Pilot Field Study with IRB
Image of a bell curveEDTC 810 Statistics for Educational Research
  • Assessment 1 Reading and Writing with Statistics
  • Assessment 2 Group Project
  • Assessment 3 Peer Evaluation
  • Assessment 4 Analysis Paper
EDTC 901 Dissertation
EDTC 902 Dissertation II
No assessments required for the QE