Theory and Practice


Description and Materials


EDTC 808 Summer Institute II
Second five-week intensive summer seminar focused on building the skills, knowledge, understanding and commitment necessary to become effective leaders in a variety of organizational settings.

  • Project 1 Professional Growth Plan: six year professional growth plan detailing my leadership goals supported by my educational leadership philosophy
  • Project 2 Portfolio:
    • Tangible and authentic evidence of the wide range of knowledge and competencies that doctoral degree candidates possess
  • Project 3 Jobs Project: A synthesis of three jobs in Higher Ed, K-12, and Corporate. with a short summary of the requirements.
noun_Technology_749564_000000EDTC 805 Cross-discipline Studies in Technology
Exploration and evaluation of advanced and emergent technologies and the means by which educational and training leaders learn about them and sustain them in a learning environment.
noun_Portofolio_1378100_000000EDTC 807 Implementation and Evaluation of Curriculum
Comprehensive understanding of the landscape of implementation and evaluation of educational technology programs.
noun_elearning_1061321_000000EDTC 814 Advanced Effective Models of E-Learning
Concepts and strategies necessary to step into a leadership role in the integration and application of technology and E-learning.
noun_Construction_803477_000000EDTC 816 Advanced Building Online Communities
Introduce important concepts, terms, & theories about online communities and how social science research can help design interaction spaces that encourage community building.
noun_distance_1781067_000000EDTC 817 Advanced Developing and Managing Digital Learning Programs
Analyze relevant issues impacting distance education & incorporate an understanding of the historical and current evolution of distance learning into a vision for the future.
  • (No artifacts required for the QE)